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Pembroke Main Street from the Castle





  • To stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of Pembroke and its surroundings.

  • To encourage the preservation and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest.

  • To encourage high standards of architecture in the  town.

  • To pursue these ends by means of public meetings, exhibitions, lectures and publications.

  • To promote schemes of a charitable nature which will enhance our town.



at the Power Club, Main Street, Pembroke


John Evans will give a talk: 'Twin Towns Through the Ages'.





Pembroke Civic Trust members at St Mary's Church


Pembroke Civic Trust Members recently visited the bell tower of St Mary’s Church in Pembroke to learn a little about the ancient art of ringing and view the bells that are hidden from public view.


The access to the tower is in itself an interesting experience as the spiral staircase first goes in one direction and then another before it reaches the ringing chamber. Our brave gathering having climbed to bell ringing chamber were given a fascinating insight, by our guides Eldon Lingard and Anne Bunker, about mechanics of how the bells worked and the ancient art of change ringing.  St Mary’s has eight bells in its tower and it was explained to us that the bells could be peeled for a three hour period without the same sequence of bells being rung!  A mathematical conundrum to the uninitiated! We were also given a demonstration on how to ring a bell and given the opportunity to try our hand at ringing, some proved more adept at this than others. Our expert guides made it look so easy.


As part of our visit we were taken further up the tower, two at a time, to see the eight bells themselves. We learned that the first four bells date from 1763 a further two added in 1765 and the last two installed to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in 1897. The belfry is in a fascinating place and it is a credit to the craftsmen who built it that the wooden structure has survived all this time.  Whilst in the belfry a bell was rung and as you can imagine covering your ears is a must!


The bells will be sent for refurbishment in the near future and will return to ring out over our town, it is hoped, for many years to come.


Grateful thanks to Eldon and Anne who gave us such and enjoyable and fascinating evening.




Join us

We hold a monthly programme of Talks which are open to all. Talks are held on the third Monday of the month at at the Power Club, Main Street, Pembroke at 7.30pm.


Our Work

We hold Committee Meetings on the first Monday of each month to discuss planning, projects and issues.

We support community projects in the town.

We fully support Pembroke Museum, a purely voluntary organisation run for the community by the community. The Museum now has its own website.

We are the originators of Pembroke Town Trail.  Working with Pembroke Town Council and Pembroke& Monkton Local History Society, the Town Trail has recently been enhanced and is now digitalised. You can find out more by clicking on the link below.


  Cover of Pembroke Town Trail    



Membership costs only £3 per year per person. 

Please contact membership secretary Roy Smith on